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Certified organic vegetable, herb and edible flower seedlings for you to transplant into your own garden started for you on our farm. You’ll get a well rounded selection of seedlings from proven varieties of vegetables that we grow. There are three different amounts that you can purchase for your share. Pick the amount that fits your garden size. Unlike the “set garden share” that we had before, this share allows you the ultimate flexibility of choosing which seedlings you want.

There are several locations from which you can pick up your seedlings: Springville (at Our Spring Seedling sale), East Aurora Farmers Market, Elmwood Bidwell farmers market in May/June or at one of our CSA distribution sites during the first week of June. (Olean area garden seedling shareholders will have a $2.50 fee applied for delivery the first week of June (billed separately) unless picking up at another location).

Order Deadline April 30th

We’ll contact you to work out details for your seedling wish list, pick up locations and date options!

Seedlings are Certified Organic by USDA.

See the description below for what varieties of seedlings are available

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Your purchase of a $25 seedling share gets you $27.50 worth of plants
Your purchase of a $50 seedling share gets you $57.50 worth of plants
Your purchase of a $100 seedling share gets you $120 worth of plants
(to calculate the amount of plants you can get for these amounts see list below).

Our prices are comparable to what you may see at a place like Home Depot but the difference is these are farm tested varieties, grown organically with proper soil nutrition. Organic production produces vibrant plants that will thrive given the right growing conditions!!

Your choice of Seedlings consist of:

In 3″x 4″ pots at $5.50 each
Tomatoes: Roma (San Marzano) Salad type, Beefsteak type
Heirloom Tomatoes (cherokee purple, brandywine, orange type)
Cherry Tomatoes: Sun Gold, Super Sweet 100
Sweet Peppers: Ace (standard green pepper), Carmen (Italian frying pepper)
Hot Peppers: Jalapeno, Ancho/Poblano, Cayenne
Summer Squash
Watermelon: Sugar Baby and Yellow Doll

In 2″ x 1″ pots at $2.25 each
Basil: Downy Mildew Resistant variety
Parsley: italian flat, curly
Spinach: Space
Lettuce: Romaine, Butterhead, Leaf
Kale: Dino, Green, Red
Swiss Chard: Rainbow
Cabbage: Tendersweet, kraut variety
Beets: Red, Golden, Chioggia
Winter Squash: Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, Delicata
Nasturtium: Edible
Sunflowers: Dwarf and Full branching types

We will be adding speciality container varieties to this list as we order seed. We’ll be in touch with you about it!

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$25, $50, $100