If you don’t have saffron, use 1/4 t turmeric blended with 1/4 t mild paprika.

1 large onion, thinly sliced
4 garlic cloves, minced or pressed
1 – 2 T olive oil
6 c sliced zucchini
1/4 t saffron threads
1/4 c hot water
1 T lemon juice
salt and pepper, to taste
3/4-lb chunky pasta (3 c dry) (penne, rotini, farfalle…)
1/4 c grated Parmesan

1. Bring water to the boil for pasta.

2. In a large skillet, saute onions and garlic on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Add the zucchini and saute about 5 more minutes, stirring frequently, until the onions are translucent and some of the zucchini slices have lightly browned edges.

3. In a small cup, crush the saffron with the back of a spoon to crumble them a bit. Add about 1/4 cup hot water and stir briefly, until the water is golden colored. Stir the saffron water mixture into the zucchini. Pour the lemon juice into the same cup to rinse out the last bits of saffron and add it to the zucchini. Add salt and pepper to taste. Lower the heat and cover the pan to keep the sauce warm until the past is ready.

4. When the pasta is cooked, to your preference, drain, reserving a cup or so of the cooking water, and toss with the zucchini mixture. If the mixture seems a bit dry, add some of the reserved cooking water. Sprinkle with the cheese and serve immediately.