CSA distribution protocol in response to COVID-19

We have developed a set of protocols for all volunteers, staff, and shareholders.  We appreciate your help and attention to the protocol below so we can keep our CSA sites, your food, and you as safe from COVID as possible.

COVID 19, Social Distancing, Its Effect on Distribution Sites, and Your Options

Our distributions of shares will be changed to comply with state-mandated protocols and to alleviate concerns that you may have. We are offering you two options:

1) You may continue to choose the food you want via our typical farmers market-style setup. This option comes with some changes noted below
2) You may have curbside pickup of a set share which also requires further explanation

Both of the options above will require extra help from you and extra staff at each site. So, if you know of anyone who wishes to volunteer please have them contact me (Deb Ritchie) at deb@nativeofferings.com.

Hand Washing – a portable hand washing station has been purchased for staff members to use frequently.  Shareholders are also welcome to use this as necessary.

Sanitizer – hand sanitizers will be used by Staff and Volunteers. We suggest Shareholders apply their own sanitizer prior to entering the distribution site (handwashing is the other option before entering).

Building Access – we are also asking site owners if staff and shareholders may use their restroom facilities should the need arise. Ask onsite helpers of the outcome of this if restroom facilities are needed.

Masks – wearing masks is mandatory for all Staff, Volunteers, and Shareholders until revised by the state.

Gloves – wearing gloves is NOT mandatory. If you are using reusable (washable) gloves, we ask that they are freshly washed.

Flow of People – We ask that you follow the social distancing rules by maintaining a 6-foot gap between you and others as much as you can. As occurs at Wegmans and Whole Foods, staff members and volunteers will need to replenish food throughout distribution which may precipitate closer contact.  Our onsite help will let you know a directional flow through the share pick up process to help expedite distancing.

Food Picking – the new rule is ‘if you touch it, you take it’. Unfortunately, we have to enforce this as much as we can

Curb-Side Pickup – Please email deb@nativeofferings.com to request curbside pick up if you would like it and haven’t done so already.  Anyone who opts for this option will remain in their vehicle while a preset share of the appropriate size will be put into a bag(s) that is placed directly into your vehicle. The Volunteers will fill this order for you as you remain in your vehicle. You will open your trunk or back door for a Volunteer to place the bag(s) inside OR the Volunteer will place the bag(s) directly outside of your vehicle for you to place inside. We are asking that shareholders requesting curbside pick up come in the last hour of distribution to allow us time to gather up your shares.

Phone number for curbside pick up– if you opt for Curb-Side Pickup, please text your full name and share size to 716-708-0297 to let us know that you are onsite.

Ground beef, Sour Cherries, Other add on items to the shares – pre-orders only via online through our website. We will communicate any sales when available through email.

Fruit Shares – The protocol for this share will follow protocol already stated for veggies and curbside pick up will be a set share chosen by our staff.  Any necessary changes to the fruit share protocol will be updated once the share starts.

Time – all of this is going to add extra time by the staff and volunteers to prepare and manage. Please allow for extra time. In the beginning as we work out the operational mechanics of this process, it may be slow going and therefore frustrating. Please forgive us for any seeming delays as this is new for all of us.

As we continue planning and evaluating, further changes may be adopted. We will do what we need to do to keep the process streamlined and as fun and enjoyable as it has always been for you.

If you have any suggestions, we ask that you politely submit them. We may have overlooked things that you think are glaring and obvious. For that, we apologize, but we are doing the best we can in a challenging situation.

The Ritchie Family
Native Offerings Farm