This is probably my favorite dessert. I usually call it Lazy Pie. I believe, anthropologically, that it’s the ancestor of crust-based fruit pies. Basically, you make up a fruit compote, spoon it over really good, toasted bread, and top with ice cream, whipped cream, yogurt, sour cream, crème fraîche, chocolate sauce–alone or in combination. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

sugar or other sweetener, to taste, optional
really good bread for toasting
toppings, see headnote

1. Make fruit compote: Peel fruit or not. Pit if necessary. Chop up. Place in a skillet, add some sweetener or not and cook until the fruit has become saucy, a compote. You can leave some chunks in, too. Set aside.

2. Toast bread. Prepare toppings, if necessary, like whipping cream.

3. Assemble. Put a slice or two of toast on a plate. Spoon as much compote on top of each as you like. Top with desired topping, or leave as is (delicious either way). Eat. Have seconds…