The vegetable share includes lettuce, sweet onion or scallion, tomatoes, cucumbers or pickles, zucchini or summer squash, carrots and eggplant or peppers or melons. The substitutions are cayenne peppers, cilantro and tomatillos.

The fruit share is five pounds of peaches and two pounds of plums or donut peaches. Apples will be in the share soon.

The melons have finally started to ripen. We still have way too many green tomatoes on the vine and with blight all around us we hope they will have the chance to ripen. It is great to have lettuce again. Next week we should have arugula and other fall greens.

Our grass fed, grass finished burger is now available at distribution. We had to raise our price this season because all of our costs have increased. We traditionally purchase feeders for about one dollar a pound. They now cost close to two dollars. Because of all the natural disasters lately cattle producers have been liquidating their herds. Stock numbers are at levels not seen since the 1960’s. We also are using a new processor in Erie, PA. We are very happy with the quality but again our costs have increased with the extra distance we have to travel. We are selling the ground sirloin for $7 a pound or as a special four pounds for $25.