The vegetable share this week includes bunched red potatoes, carrots or bulk beets, green peppers, cucumbers or pickles, zucchini or summer squash, herbs (cilantro, baby dill, parsley), and sweet onion or scallions. One site to be determined will also get eggplant.
The substitution is tomatillo, celeriac and kohlrabi.

The fruit share is five pounds of peaches or nectarines and two pounds of prune plums or donut peaches all from Singer Farm.

It is raining again but we did manage to get in the second last fall planting of greens. There is blight everywhere busy destroying the joy of Summer which is the tomato. We do not have it on the farm but it is all around us and this weather provides perfect conditions for the blight to spread. We mowed our potatoes as a precaution. It was difficult to take down the plants when they were still growing spuds but we could not risk loosing the entire crop to blight.