There has still not been a frost on the farm. We have been busy harvesting and will finish with the beets today. We will harvest the celeriac next. It looks like we will have a bountiful fall harvest. If you have not already done so, please think about extending your share until Christmas. Winter shares are free form meaning you can choose what you want. Apples are also included with the share.
We are thinking about making changes to the share program next season. The biggest change will be that we might discontinue the January and February winter share. We will either offer an extension for November and December which we did this season or have all shares go until Christmas. Please let us know your thoughts. We will likely have our produce available at the new Elmwood Village Winter Market on Saturdays.

The vegetable share includes spinach, lettuce, beets or turnips, radish, greens, acorn squash and peppers.

The fruit share includes pears, apples and plums.