It was 38 degrees on the farm yesterday morning. It felt like fall and I was tempted to put on my wool hat. We are busy harvesting the winter squash. This is the week to bring them to the safety of the barn. Next week they will be in the share. We have been blessed with warm dry weather for most of September. The week ahead looks much the same.

This weeks vegetable share includes leeks, eggplant, peppers, lettuce, greens and carrots or beets. Orchard Park will get the choi and everyone else will get chard. The choi will also be included in the greens mix after today. The substitutions are tomatillo, hot peppers and radish.

The fruit share includes plums and prunes, mac and gala apples, and pears from Singer Farm. Also for the first time will be seedless grapes from Erdle farm. Let us know how you like having grapes in the share. My children love them.