Well, here we are at the last regularly scheduled distribution for the 2013/14 Winter Share. We hope you all enjoyed these local, seasonal offerings and made many wonderful, nutritious meals with them. This is real food. This is good food. Good for us, good the Earth. Thanks for supporting us and thanks for all the positive comments posted on Facebook.

The Winter Share: Red Cabbage; Green Cabbage; Carrots; Celeriac; Kohlrabi; Butter Beets; Chiogga Beets; Detroit Beets; Yellow Onions; Red Onions; Black Radish; Korean Radish; Potatoes; Sauerkraut; Apples.

Recipes: Stuffed Kohlrabi; Slow Braised Cabbage; Celeriac ‘Bread’ Sauce’ Potato Salad with Sauerkraut; Roasted Black Radish Mash; French Apple Cake.