Most of the leaves are off the trees now.  Last week was peak beautiful here.  We figure the root harvest will be finished before the snow, rumored to arrive next Thursday, lands.   The Season Extension Shares are available now and worth a try if you have not experienced that share yet.  We generally set up farmers market style and you take what you want.  We are not having a Winter Share this year because we lost our big cooler and potato storage space in the fire.  We also lost our potato digging equipment.  We are renting a tractor trailer cooler for the next month which will take care of the overflow from our existing cooler which is in the part of the barn that survived.  Next week is the last Summer Share.

The Vegetable Share for the week includes Lettuce, Greens, Delicata or Spaghetti Squash, Greens, Radish or Japanese Turnip, Potatoes, Carrots or Beets, Peppers or Hot Peppers.  The substitutions are Cilantro, Parsley, Fennel or Onions.

The Fruit Share involves Apples and Pears.