The crops are looking good.  We are busy bulk harvesting the first planting of beets so those will become a regular offering.  Carrots will be limited until the next planting comes in.  At that time there will be thousands of pounds of the delicious roots.  We lost the second planting to rain so we have to wait for the third.  We will have Parsnips this fall.

Deb and the girls are visiting family in California for a week and Sam has a reunion in California with the students he studied with in Ghana for his gap year.  That means I am home alone on the farm and will be crazy busy.  If your emails and telephone calls are not returned that is why.

The Vegetable Share includes Sweet Corn, Lettuce or Arugula, Herbs (fennel, parsley, sage, thyme, cilantro, dill), Beets or Rainbow Carrots, Cabbage or Napa or Chard and a choice of Summer Squash, Cucumbers and Peppers.

The Fruit Share includes Peaches, Plums and Apricots all from Singer.