Rain.  We have had over four inches since Thursday and more is on its way!  It is good that it is still Summer so that the wind and sun can effectively work their drying powers.  Late Blight was reported today in Cattaraugus County which is where the farm is.  Last week we mowed off the Potatoes so they are safe under the soil.  These conditions are ideal for blight.  If you have Tomatoes or Potatoes in your home garden keep an eye on them.  Late blight will make your crops look like they were hit by a frost.

The Vegetable Share includes Tomatoes, Greens, Summer Squash, Peppers, Cucumbers, Lettuce or Chard, Scallions or Sweet Onions, Sweet Carrots or Yellow Beets.  The substitution is radish, little cabbages, napa, parsley and cilantro.

The Fruit Share includes Peaches, White Peaches, Donut Peaches and Prune Plums.