Japanese turnip roots would also be good here, if you haven’t used up yours from last week’s share. The dressing is just a suggestion. I think the Yogurt Salad Dressing in this week’s recipe list would be very good on this, or search our recipe data base for other dressing recipes.

3 – 4 c coarsely chopped lettuce or arugula
2 c strawberries, hulled and sliced or halved
1 c sliced radishes
extra-virgin olive oil, to taste
vinegar, to taste
ground (black) pepper, to taste

1. Put lettuce or arugula in a serving bowl, or put on individual salad plates. Strew strawberries and radishes over lettuce, and gently toss, or not. Either dress salad, tossing gently, or not, lettting people dress their own portions instead.