This would make a good side dish on St. Pat’s Day. Any dark or full flavored beer will work well here. I did try this with a hoppy brew, an IPA, and did not think it was as good as the dish made with stout (sorry hopheads!).

1 – 2 T olive oil
1 small to medium onion, chopped
2 t peeled, minced fresh ginger, or 1/2 t dried, powdered ginger
6 c shredded (red) cabbage
12 oz (1 regular bottle) Irish stout beer, Guinness, for example, or other dark beer
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onion and sauté for about 4 minutes. Add ginger and continue cooking, stirring, another minute or two.

2. Add cabbage and stir to mix with onion and ginger. Slowly pour in beer (it will foam up) stirring all the while. Add salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer, then lower heat, cover, and cook until cabbage is tender or to your liking–10 minutes or so. You may want to uncover the cabbage after the first five minutes and turn the heat up slightly to allow some of the liquid to evaporate. Or, just use a slotted spoon to remove the cabbage for serving (or not).