This has become my favorite pickle. Contrary to its title, the vegetables are not overly salty. There is a distinct soy sauce flavor, but as the vegetables remain in the soy sauce for a short time, they are not overly saturated with saltiness. At least not to my palate. Instead of soy sauce you can use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, which will cut down on the sodium level. Or you can combine half water and half soy sauce. The vegetables undergo a brief salt/sugar brine which draws out liquid. You can drain this liquid or keep it and add the soy sauce to it. The drained soy sauce can be reused for more pickles or in cooking. The vegetables will keep for months in the refrigerator, if they last that long!

2 c root vegetables, sliced into strips or rounds
1/2 t salt
2 t sugar
soy sauce, to cover

1. Put vegetables in a jar. Add salt and sugar. Put a lid on the jar and gently shake so that the salt and sugar coat the vegetables. Let sit at room temperature anywhere from an hour to 8 hours, shaking the jar now and then to keep the vegetables coated with the brine.

2. Drain off the liquid if you like. Pour in enough soy sauce to cover the vegetables. Crumple some wax paper or freezer paper and lay on top of the vegetables, to keep them submerged. Allow to pickle at room temperature for 24 hours. If some of the vegetables pieces break the surface of the soy sauce, press them down.

3. Drain off the soy sauce. Store the pickles in the jar in or another, covered container. Keep refrigerated when not eating.