pigs2011We buy in piglets that are about 10 weeks old. We like to get Berkshire crosses. Berkshires are one of the oldest breeds of domesticated hog originating in England; they are characteristically black with white feet and a spot of white on the face. Berkshires are recognized by chefs as some of the finest tasting pork known. They produce a whole carcass that is well marbled. It is consistently sweet, tender and juicy.  Berkshire crosses have the characteristics of the Berkshire combined with the vigor of being cross bred.

Tim Ploetz will be raising the piglets for us at his farm in West Valley. His farm is set up better than ours for hog production and this partnership enables us to have an effective food safety plan. He has a large area where the pigs can roam and will be feeding them just like we would: with a purchased hog feed and plenty of hay. These pigs get hormone-free and antibiotic-free, locally milled feed. Most commercially raised pork is raised in warehouse type facilities under inhumane conditions. Our naturally raised pork has a deliciously sweet flavor. We sell the pork by the side (1/2) or you can buy the whole animal.

To order a half (or whole) pork from us contact us to check on availability. You can preorder halves (sides) through our online store. (Look for our register link from the home page). We take a $100 deposit for each 1/2 you order. This deposit places your order.

The pork should be ready late summer or early fall.  You can expect your order to be filled within this time period.

You can expect about 50-70 lbs. of cut and wrapped pork for a half/side order to put into your freezer. You will need approximately two freezer shelves in an upright freezer to store your pork. You are charged on the hanging weight, which for a half is about 70-100lbs. at a cost of $3.95/lb. (What you can expect to take home is 25-35% less than the hanging weight due to trimming and de-boning). This amount is paid to us and we will invoice you directly for it. Butchering charges for cutting, wrapping and smoking are paid directly to the processor. This adds about $0.90/lb. to the cost. (For your budgeting figure about $4.85/lb. total cost for your order on the hanging weight figure). The butcher will call you when your order is ready and you’ll be picking up your order directly from the butcher, Jim Simon’s Meats in Alden, NY. Sometime before the animals are shipped from our farm, we will call you for specifics on how you would like the animal processed. All of the fresh cuts are ready shortly after slaughter but typically the hams and bacon need curing/smoking and that can take as long as two-three weeks after this. Our pigs vary in size and the expected poundage is approximate. Here is an approximate breakdown of the types of cuts you could get in a half/side of pork. Quantities vary according to how you specify your butchering and how large or small the pig is.

porkHere’s a typical/standard order for how a ½ hog is processed:

HAM or HAMS: cut in half, smoked (on a whole hog this would give you 4 hams 5-8lbs. each)
CHOPS: 1″ width, 2 per package
GROUND: 1 lb. tubes
ROASTS: 3-4 lbs. each
BACON: smoked, sliced, 1 lb. packages
HOCKS: smoked, 2 per package
SPARE RIBS: 2 half racks (or 4 for a whole hog)

The result of the above butchering is approximately the quantities below:
23 pork chops (1″ thick)
3 roasts (2 5 lb. picnic and 4lb.butt)
2 hams ( 2 5-8 lbs.)
8 lbs. of bacon
3 lbs. of spare ribs
9 lbs. of ground pork in 1 lb. packages (breakfast or italian spicing can be added)
4 hocks
Stew bones
Fat to render
Tongue, liver, heart on request


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