The cover crops are in and rye, oats, vetch and peas are emerging. This will keep nutrients in the soil, prevent erosion, create habitat for beneficial soil life and lead to improved soil structure next spring.
We have a good fall crop so Season Extension and Winter Shares are available. New this season are Parsnips, Sweet Storage Onions and Shallots. We have also added a Fermented Share that is an add on.

The Vegetable Share for the week includes Spinach or Bok Choi, Greens, Acorn or Spaghetti Squash and Roots. We are switching to the Season Extension format where we bring lots of different crops and you chose what you want to take. The substitutions are peppers and hot peppers.
Please note that there is some disease in the Russet and Santina Potatoes. This is harmless but your potatoes may not store for a long period of time. Take what you need for the week. If some go bad then you can replace them the following week. Don’t include what you take in your Share weight. The other potato varieties seem fine.

The Fruit Share is Apples and Pears from Singer Farm.