We did get much needed rain last night and yesterday.  This has been the driest year on record (since records began in the early 40’s).  We have been irrigating but we do not have the bounty we would like.  Thousands of beets are planted and are not yet ready for harvest.  The carrots are germinating poorly and we have lost two plantings of cilantro and dill.  We will keep planting and keep watering and the crops will grow but perhaps not on our schedule.  The weeds seem to be thriving!

This weeks vegetable share for the first official week of Summer includes lettuce, greens, spinach and scallions.  We have included Swiss Chard in the greens mix.

The fruit share is organic strawberries strawberries from Abers Acres.  The growers that supply us with Apricots informed us that they both lost their crop to a late frost.  If you know of a grower that has a crop please let us know.