It’s been raining so much!  We are hoping to dig carrots for the share this week but if it doesn’t stop raining we’ll have to substitute in something else.  We dig carrots with our tractor which pulls a long blade that lifts the carrots up and loosens the ground so we can easily pick them up, take the tops off and send them off to the barn to be washed.  If the fields are too wet we can’t get our tractor into the fields without compacting the soil. Compact soil is terrible for the soil ecosystem and impedes root growth besides being hard on our tractor!

Your share for this week includes: sweet onions, sweet corn from Abers Acres, herbs, zucchini or summer squash, and hopefully carrots!!

Fruit shares include peaches and nectarines from Bittner Singer Farms.  Blueberries are in OP, Am and Farm shares to catch up on the missed share in June.