Mid July. We’re in full summer now.  I love the incredible burst of growth that happens in the spring.  We ride that planting and weeding frenzy like kids barreling down a sledding slope; half in control and half utterly out of control.  But summer, it’s different.  The heat brings on the fruiting crops; soon enough we’ll see peppers, our field planted cucumbers and maybe some eggplant. The weeds are in full seed production mode now so we have to do lots of mowing on our spring fields to keep them short enough to till.  Those same fields will be cover cropped and then put to rest for the season.

Your share this week includes: lettuce, kale or arugula, bok choi or napa cabbage, zucchini or cucumbers and herbs.

Fruit shares include blueberries and sweet cherries.

We should be seeing buckets of pitted tart cherries at the end of the month, more about that later!

Savour the summer!