Your veggie shares this week include:

Zucchini, Napa cabbage or greens, scallions, herbs, lettuce.  Fava beans and radishes are a sub.  Buffalo shareholders will get some cucumbers this week!

The fruit shares are on hold this week for Orchard Park, Amherst and the farm until next week as we wait for the cherries to come into season and as we say goodbye to the strawberries.  I’m still waiting on word from Abers Aces or Bittner Singer Orchards whether or not we can get some fruit for Buffalo on Thursday.  Any skipped weeks in your share due to supply chain issues will be compensated to the sites that missed.  We have more flexibility later in the season when more variety of fruit is available and will let you know when we can give you some extra fruity treats!  We appreciate your patience and flexibility about this!!

Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!