More tomatillo goodness. This version is roasted and gets a briny kick from green olives. In addition to roasting the tomatillos, the garlic and jalapeños are also roasted alongside, giving even more depth of flavor to this salsa.

1 1/2 lbs tomatillos, husked (figure 15 or so, depending on size)
5 – 6 garlic cloves, peeled or not, or more, if you love garlic
1 – 2 jalapeño peppers, or other hot pepper(s), seeded, membranes removed, or not
1 – 2 T vegetable oil
1 c green olives, pitted if necessary
1 c chopped cilantro
2 T lime juice
1 t sugar or other sweetener
1/2 t salt
water or vegetable stock, as needed, (around 1/4 c) optional

1. Preheat oven to 475°F. Put tomatillos, garlic cloves, and hot pepper(s) on a baking sheet. Coat with oil. Roast for 15 minutes or so, until the tomatillos are browned and blistered.

2. Remove from oven. Let cool some. If garlic was unpeeled, peel now. If jalapeño(s) weren’t seeded, membranes removed, then do so now, if you want. This latter part depends on how much heat you want in this salsa.

3. Combine in a food processor or blender. Coarsely chop. Add olives, cilantro, lime juice, sugar, and salt. Whizz to combine. If the mixture is very dense, add some water and process to the consistency you want.

4. Transfer to a serving bowl. Taste for seasonings. Serve as a dip or as a condiment.