This is a two-parter: one part advice, one part recipe. The advice is a way to wash berries to keep them fresh longer.

I call this recipe Reverse Strawberry Sorbet because you freeze the fruit before making the sorbet, as opposed to shmushing the ingredients and then freezing the mixture. The banana adds sweetness, body and another layer of creaminess to the desert.

Advice: Wash Berries with a Vinegar Solution

Put one part vinegar and ten parts water into a bowl (1/4 c vinegar and 2 1/2 c water, for example).
Put strawberries or raspberries, or other fruit in the bowl. Gently swirl (and for raspberries, I mean gently) around then lift the berries out carefully with your hands or a holey spoon and drain. You probably won’t need to rinse these as the vinegar is well diluted, but go ahead if you like.

The vinegar will kill any mold or other bacteria on the surface of the fruit.

I imagine you could use this solution to wash vegetables, too, especially those that will be eaten raw. Note that many commercial food institutions use a bleach/water solution to this effect. The method outlined above is so much more benign.

Reverse Strawberry Sorbet

3 c strawberries, hulled, sliced in half if large; or other fruit
1 large banana, peeled, and cut into large pieces
1/2 c to 1 c plain yogurt, plus extra for serving if you like; or sour cream; or crème fraîche
sugar or other sweetener, optional
a dash of vanilla extract; or ground ginger; or other complementary spice, optional
fresh, chopped basil or mint, or tarragon, for garnish, optional

1. Put a layer of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Put strawberries and banana pieces on it and freeze for a couple of hours.

2. Remove from freezer. If the fruit is really hard, let it temper for 10 minutes or so. Transfer to a food processor along with yogurt, sweetener, if using, and flavoring, if using. You may need to process in batches. Process until smooth.

3. Serve immediately, garnished with fresh herb, if you like, or a dollop of yogurt. If the mixture seems a little soft, freeze for 5 to minutes before serving.