A wonderful after-dinner drink. And a wonderful way to preserve that wonderful quince flavor. I thought the eau-de-vie would make good Christmas gifts, but after my first sip, I decided it was just too good to share…

2 – 3 quinces
1 c sugar
2 c vodka

1. Grate or finely chop the quinces–peel, cores, seeds included. Put into a large jar, quart-size at least. Add sugar and vodka and tightly cap jar. Shake well; don’t worry if the sugar isn’t all dissolved, it will over time.

2. Place jar in a cupboard or similar space, out of direct sunlight. Every other day, for two weeks, shake the jar well. If you’re sure of the seal, invert the jar now and then.

3. After these two weeks, shake the jar once a week for another month.

4. Strain the liquid, preferably through cheesecloth. Transfer to a clean bottle. It will keep indefinitely,  but why would you want to…