Last year I posted a recipe for Quince Eau-de-Vie, a heady concoction of quinces, vodka, and sugar. Here is another version, this time made with brandy and without sugar, so the drink retains more of brandy’s characteristics. I recommend using cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans here as they infuse better than ground cinnamon and vanilla extract. Feel free to experiment with spices. Black peppercorns, whole cloves, fennel seeds, whole allspice come to mind. When you strain the infusion, you don’t have to discard the quince pieces. They’re great eaten on their own or with ice cream as an adult treat.

4 medium quinces
2 cinnamon sticks, about 3″ long each
2 vanilla beans
4 whole star anise
1 liter (not top shelf) brandy, or as needed to fill jar(s)

1. Wash quinces and wipe the fuzz off. Cut into quarters, leaving the peels and cores intact. Or you can peel and core the quinces, chop the quinces, and then put everything into the infusion jar(s). Put into an appropriate sized jar or jars along with spices. Cover with brandy, leaving an inch headroom.

2. Leave for about six weeks before straining and rebottling. Will keep for a long time, if it lasts that long…