Peaches and eggs, you say, up there with green eggs and ham. This is one of the first things I make when we start getting peaches, and always think of, when I think about peaches.

I use one peach per serving, along with 1 or 2 eggs, depending on the size of the eggs. The directions are for one serving. Adjust according to your needs.

1 ripe peach, peeled, or not
lettuce leaves
1 T unsalted butter
1 – 2 eggs
1 – 2 T cream or milk
salt and black pepper, to taste
cooked bacon or prosciutto, optional
fresh chopped parsley, basil, or scallion greens, for garnish

1. Cut peach in half and remove pit. Cut a thin slice off the opposite side of the halved peach to make a stable base for the peach. Place a layer of lettuce leaves, or a layer of chopped lettuce leaves on a plate. Put peach halves on lettuce. Set aside.

2. Heat butter in a small skillet. Beat eggs. Add cream or milk. Beat until combined. Season with salt and pepper. Add to skillet and scramble gently over low heat until soft curds form.

3. Spoon scrambled egg curds into peach pits and around peaches. Top with some cooked bacon pieces or prosciutto pieces, if you like. Sprinkle with chopped herb or scallion greens.