The amount of alcohol is minimal here, a tablespoon, but if want to serve this to children, then sub a good sherry or balsamic vinegar with a bit of sugar mixed in. The addition of blue cheese makes this more of a salsa than a dessert, or really, it could be a light meal in itself. Nectarines, apricots and firm plums would all work here, too.

4 peaches, peeled if you like, and chopped
1 T Port wine, or madeira or sweet vermouth or red wine mixed with some sugar
1 c crumbled blue cheese, or feta cheese or goat cheese
1/4 c chopped or slivered almonds, or walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts

1. Combine peaches and port in a serving bowl. Allow to macerate for 15 minutes or so. Fold in cheese.

2. When ready to serve stir in almonds.