This is a really good combination! Who’d have thunk? The daikon, or other radish–use what you have–gives a gentle kick to the potatoes. Cooking the radish tempers their bite, and they don’t overwhelm the potatoes. I’m leaving this recipe fairly open–make the mash as you would regular mashed potatoes–butter, oil, milk, cooking liquid, sour cream, salt, pepper, herbs, spices…As for me, I like this with butter, some of the cooking liquid, salt and pepper–simple, but deeply satisfying.

1 lb potatoes, or the amount you need
1 lb daikon or other radishes, or the amount you need
water or broth, or a combination
salt, for cooking, optional

1. Cut potatoes and daikon into more or less equal sizes. Combine in a pot with enough (salted) water or broth to cover by at least an inch Bring to the boil and cook until tender, to your preference. Drain and mash together along with desired additions.