This is simple, easy, tasty. You can substitute other nuts here, but there’s something about the taste of roasted peanuts on the greens…

1 bunch chard, beet greens, or kale or other greens
1/2 c roasted peanuts
3 T olive oil or butter
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Stem greens, if necessary. Save for another use. Steam or boil greens until tender–5 to 10 minutes for chard or beet greens, 10 to 15 minutes for kale, etc., depending on the green and on your preference.

2. Transfer greens to a colander, and run cold water over them to stop them from cooking further. When cool enough to handle, gently squeeze out excess moisture and coarsely chop.

3. Put peanuts in a zip-lock bag and crush them with a rolling pin or meat tenderizer or a heavy skillet.

4. Heat olive oil or butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the greens and saute for a couple of minutes, stirring frequently, until the greens are coated with the oil/butter and heated through. Remove skillet from heat and sprinkle peanuts over. Season with salt and pepper.