Welcome to the 2015/16 edition of the Native Offerings Farm share. Thank you for joining us this year. We want to hear from you during the season so we can keep improving the share. Deb and I rarely make it up to the distribution sites. Our three children are older now and with sports, band, off farm jobs and all those things teenagers like to do we need to be at home and in the car for them. Our son Sam will be entering his senior high school year in September. Where did the years go?

This has been an unusual year for crops. We have a planting schedule that we have been using for about 18 years. This year crops were maturing two to three weeks early despite a late start in April. The spring was also very dry so we had to irrigate on a regular basis. Last season we irrigated once. The crops do look great and there is a bounty planted that you will see in your share this coming season.

The strawberries are not ripe yet so there will be no fruit share this week.

The farm share includes a choice of greens (arugula, tat soi, mizuna, red russian kale, siberian kale, vitamin green, komansuna and mustard), choi, spinach and lettuce heads. The substitutions are carrots and potatoes from 2014 that we had in cold storage.