Yet another greens casserole. This can be a side, or with the addition of some cooked protein, a main course. Most cooked grains can be used here–I’ve even made this with the smaller pastas, such as orzo. Sturdier greens such as curly kale will need to cook for a few minutes beyond the wilt stage. If you don’t have curry paste on hand, use curry powder mixed with some additional oil.

1 T vegetable oil or butter (or ghee)
2 c finely chopped onion
dash of salt
1 T curry paste or 2 – 3 t curry powder, or to taste
6 – 8 c coarsely chopped greens, stemmed if necessary
1/4 c dried fruit
1 c broth or stock or coconut milk
3 c cooked grain
2 c cooked protein, optional
1/4 c chopped almonds or peanuts

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.  Have ready an 8-inch square baking dish or other suitable baking dish.

2. Heat oil over medium heat in a large skillet. Add onions along with a dash of salt and cook, stirring frequently, for about 10 minutes, until the onions turn golden. You may need to turn the heat down some if the edges of the onions are starting to blacken.

3. Add the curry paste, stirring to combine with the onions. Cook, stirring, for a minute, until the curry paste is fragrant. Add the greens and toss with the onions. When the greens have wilted, or have cooked enough to be almost tender, add the dried fruit and broth. Bring just to the boil, then remove from heat.

4. Add the cooked grain, and protein, if using. Stir well to combine. Transfer to baking dish and sprinkle with chopped almonds of peanuts.

5. Cover with foil or the dish’s lid if it has one and bake for 20 minutes or so, until heated through.