Share for the week of 6/29-7/3

Your veggie shares this week include:

Zucchini, Napa cabbage or greens, scallions, herbs, lettuce.  Fava beans and radishes are a sub.  Buffalo shareholders will get some cucumbers this week!

The fruit shares are on hold this week for Orchard Park, Amherst and the farm until next week as we wait for the cherries to come into season and as we say goodbye to the strawberries.  I’m still waiting on word from Abers Aces or Bittner Singer Orchards whether or not we can get some fruit for Buffalo on Thursday.  Any skipped weeks in your share due to supply chain issues will be compensated to the sites that missed.  We have more flexibility later in the season when more variety of fruit is available and will let you know when we can give you some extra fruity treats!  We appreciate your patience and flexibility about this!!

Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!

CSA share for the week of 6/22-6/26

We have been irrigating like crazy! BUT, thank goodness today it rained.  We’re hoping the rains will continue so that the ground gets a much needed deep soaking.  There really is no “catching up” when you are irrigating: there is always a crop that is suffering because something else has to watered first.

The share for the week includes:  scallions, spinach, lettuce, bok choi or swiss chard, fava beans or cucumbers.  Fruit shares are Abers organic strawberries.

Fava beans are a new crop for us-hope you enjoy them!.  Peel off the pod, then boil the beans so that you can remove the seed coat.  The bean can then be added to any dish.

CSA share for the week of 6/16-6/18

We have been irrigating like crazy and hoping for warmer nights.  We got down to 33 degrees the other night and our zucchini and eggplant got a little tip burn from frost.

Share for the week includes spinach, lettuce, a choice of greens (kale, dandelion, chard, mustard, arugula and bok choi).  We are starting to harvest cucumbers from the greenhouse.  While supplies are small we are giving cukes to only one site per week.   Don’t worry if you don’t get your cukes this week-your site will be next!! For Amherst, Buffalo and the farm radishes and Japanese turnips will be in the share.  Herbs are a sub (parsley, tarragon, sage)

Curbside pick up will get: spinach, lettuce, bok choi and japanese turnips

Fruit shares will be starting next week at all sites!


CSA share for the week of 6/8-6/12

We’ve got a big week ahead!  Our winter squash is being planted this week and we are starting the East Aurora farmers market on Wednesday!  Deb will be there from 7am-1pm if you’d like to stop by and say hello. The share for this week includes: spinach, lettuce, a variety of greens (kale, chard, mustard, tat soi, dandelion, mustard, vitamen green) and herbs (tarragon, sage, parsley, rosemary).

Curbside shares will get: Spinach, Lettuce, chard and parsley 🙂

The Last Summer Share

We had a couple of beautiful days on the farm to finish the root harvest.  We are pulling the last of the Daikon out today.  We still have lots of healthy looking greens that we will harvest as long as possible.  The Kale and Collards will be harvested before the first big snow or deep freeze.  The Season Extension Shares start next week and run for six distributions.  Todays share is an extra large one.  Thanks for your support this season.  Despite the wet Spring, we started on time and grew a bounty of crops.   Next year will be perfect.  It’s 2020 right!

The Vegetable Share includes Greens, Napa, Butternut Squash and Pie Pumpkins with a substitution of Spaghetti, Peppers and Roots which includes Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Radish, Japanese Turnips, Daikon and Onions.  The substitutions are Parsley, Cilantro, Thyme and Rosemary.

The Fruit Share involves Apples and Pears.