CSA share for 10/20-10/22

This week looks like the October weather that we all know and love:  cool and wet.  While I’m thankful for the rain after such a dry spell; the cold and rain encourages me to bring out my long john’s, wool sweaters, neoprene gloves and raingear as my constant companions to keep me happy during this time of year.

This weeks vegetable CSA share includes: acorn squash, greens (kale, arugula, collards, swiss chard (plus some others), beets or carrots or potatoes, japanese turnips or radish, and cabbage.  Onions are a sub.

The fruit share includes (you guessed it): an assortment of apples and possibly some pears

We’re still taking Season Extension share sign ups if you’re interested.  Click on Buy Shares at www.nativeofferings.com


CSA share for 10/13-10/15

Our vegetable shares this week include:

angel hair sphaghetti squash, lettuce, greens (including but not limited to: arugula, kale, mustard, mizuna, collards), spinach and sweet onions

Our fruit shares include: a selection of apples and bosc pears



CSA Share for the week of 10/6-10/8

As always this time of year,  I feel a great affinity with squirrels. We all know what is coming and we are racing around to bring in all we can for storage for the colder months.  There are lots of “lasts” this time of year:  the last transplanting of lettuce, the last planting of cover crops, the last time we’ll use the seeder, etc. We’ve got all our winter squash and potatoes in, now it’s time for the parsnips, carrots, turnips, and winter radishes to all be harvested. 🙂

This week Vegetable CSA includes: spinach, lettuce, radish or Japanese turnips, Kennebec potatoes and carrots or beets.

The Fruit Share includes a choice of apples and bosc pears.


Share for the week of 9/29-10/1

I love Indian summer, it always feels like such a gift.  October is just around the corner and our Summer CSA and Fruit shares will be coming to a close.

The Summer and Fruit CSA shares end the last week of October. (Last summer and fruit shares by site:  OP-10/27, AM and FARM-10/28, BUF-10/29).  Our Season Extension shares start up right the following week (Nov 3rd-Nov. 5th).  We’re taking sign ups for the Season Extension share now through the end of October! Purchase online through our website click on buy shares.

The Vegetable CSA for this week includes: winter squash, bok choi, spinach, radish or Japanese turnip and lettuce or greens.

Fruit shares include: your choice of apples or pears and grapes.


CSA share for 9/22-9/24

We had three heavy frosts this weekend and today is the last day of summer.  It’s always a bitter sweet moment when seasons change.  I love the fall but we know that colder days are coming and there’s lots to do before the snow flies!!  Some of our peppers and eggplant were damaged in the frost but we still should be able to harvest what was under row cover :).  We’re now harvesting our potatoes and sweet potatoes then we’ll move onto parsnips and carrots.

The CSA veggie share for this week contains:

acorn or sphaghetti squash, peppers or eggplant or summer squash, spinach, greens (including lettuce, mustard, arugula, tat soi, kale and collards) and radish or possibly some japanese turnips.  Sweet onions are a sub.

Fruit shares include apples and grapes.


CSA share for the week of 9/15-9/17

With a frost forecast for this evening, we were busy today picking up the last of our winter squash that was left in the field and covering our peppers and eggplant with row cover.  A row cover will only protect plants against a light frost not a freeze.  Crops like tomatillos and summer squash will have to fend for themselves.  Now we just wait and see how cold it actually gets.

Your veggie shares this week includes: sphaghetti squash, herbs (cilantro, parsley and dill), peppers or summer squash (or something else if the frost knocks these plants down), spinach and greens (chard, kale and other salad greens possibly if they have grown since last week!).

Fruit shares include: your choice of apples (gala and golden supreme) and pears and grapes (Thomcord and Vanessa)