Oshinko is a pressed pickle, that is, a weight is placed on the brined vegetables. The process, for this recipe at least, takes three days, resulting in a crispy, salty fermented pickle. Any number of vegetables can be used here in any combination, or alone. I usually have a batch of these going on in  my kitchen. Try to use glass or ceramic containers for the pickling–plastic can give the pickles an off taste, and stainless steel gets pockmarked by the salt.

3 c or so sliced or chopped radishes and carrots
3 T kosher or sea salt (don’t use iodized salt, it prevents fermentation)
4 t unseasoned rice vinegar or other vinegar
4 t sake, dry vermouth, or dry sherry, optional

1. Put vegetables in a bowl, preferably a shallow one or at least one wide enough to accommodate a plate plus the weight. Add salt, vinegar and sake, if using. Combine.

2. Cover with a layer of wax paper or plastic wrap. Fill a gallon-sized storage bag with water and put it on the layer of wax paper or plastic wrap. Or, you can find a plate or bowl that will sit on top and put a weighty object, such as filled can(s) or bottle(s) on that. The storage bag is a lot easier to deal with, plus it’s malleable.

3. Set aside in a cool place, not near any kind of heat source. Temperatures above 80ºF can cause spoilage. Over the next three days, drain any liquid from the bottom of the bowl. After the third day, they’re ready. Store in the fridge, in a covered container.