This has become my go-to way to prepare greens when I am making a big dinner or simply want to season greens simply. The surprisingly complex taste belies its ease of preparation. You can often leave bok choi whole, though you can separate the leaves and stems. For other greens, stem if necessary or desired and chop.

1 bunch bok choi or other greens, washed and prepared for steaming
extra-virgin olive oil, or other oil
soy sauce

1. Place bok choi in a steamer basket set over simmer water. Steam until desired degree of tenderness is reached. Remove from steamer with tongs and place on a serving plate.

2. Meanwhile, combine equal parts of olive oil and soy sauce. Start with a tablespoon of each and work up from there. Dress the steamed bok choi with the mixture. Or, drizzle the olive oil directly over the bok choi, followed by the soy sauce.