Blueberries in burgers??!! This is a way to add moisture without adding fat to burgers, especially if the beef is of grass-fed origin; grass-fed beef tending to be lower in fat. You’re also getting some fiber and an antioxidant hit. Cherries, finely grated carrots, onions, and puréed spinach or other greens, are other possibilities.

I don’t usually do much with burgers, other than just shaping them before grilling or otherwise cooking. Even salt and pepper I add as part of the toppings. You can add other elements to the raw meat, according to your preferences.

1/3 – 1/2 c blueberries, finely chopped or puréed
1 lb ground beef

1. Combine finely chopped or puréed blueberries with beef. Don’t overwork. Shape into burgers. Grill or otherwise cook as is your wont.