CSA Share for 8/10-8/14

Your vegetable CSA share includes: sweet onions, tomatoes (certified organic from Abers Acres), eggplant or peppers or cucumbers (or something else-depending on our yields…), lettuce and herbs (parsley, basil, cilantro).

Fruit shares will enjoy peaches and possibly some plums if Bittner Singer Orchards are able to harvest some.

To our OP fruit shareholders: Our apologies about the mix up in your fruit share last week. We had things all planned and ordered for you to have your regular share of peaches and nectarines AND blueberries to catch you up for your missed share in June.  Bittner Singer Orchards had an unexpected low yield for early peaches and nectarines that they only let me know about last Tuesday morning.  We had to act fast and switch your order to those wonderful plums and we added the blueberries to your regular weeks share.  We still need to finish catching you up for your missed share. Not to worry though-we’ll make it up to you as soon as possible!


Share for the week of 8/4-8/6

It’s been raining so much!  We are hoping to dig carrots for the share this week but if it doesn’t stop raining we’ll have to substitute in something else.  We dig carrots with our tractor which pulls a long blade that lifts the carrots up and loosens the ground so we can easily pick them up, take the tops off and send them off to the barn to be washed.  If the fields are too wet we can’t get our tractor into the fields without compacting the soil. Compact soil is terrible for the soil ecosystem and impedes root growth besides being hard on our tractor!

Your share for this week includes: sweet onions, sweet corn from Abers Acres, herbs, zucchini or summer squash, and hopefully carrots!!

Fruit shares include peaches and nectarines from Bittner Singer Farms.  Blueberries are in OP, Am and Farm shares to catch up on the missed share in June.


CSA share for the week of 7/27-7/31

With August right around the corner, we are delighted to have sweet corn in the share this week!  The sweet corn comes from Abers Acres.  We also got the first picked green beans from Porter Farms.  While there wasn’t enough yield from that planting for the whole CSA, we will try to get beans to everyone eventually.  Both Abers Acres and Porter Farms are certified organic growers.

Your share includes: green beans (or sweet onions),sweet corn, swiss chard or kale, herbs (cilantro and dill included!!), zucchini or summer squash.

Sue Abers from Abers Acre informed me that they have a bumper crop of blueberries this year so are happily getting more blueberries in this week. The fruit share this week includes a pint of blueberries and 2lbs of sweet cherries.


Share for the week of 7/20-7/24

I love July. July is a month that we eagerly anticipate the summer crops that we look forward to all spring.  Tomatoes, sweet, pepper and eggplant are all around the corner and should be in your share soon!!

This weeks share includes:

scallions, carrots, lettuce and/or greens, cabbage, herbs and zucchini.

Fruit shares this week include sweet cherries from Bittner Singer farms and organic blueberries from Abers Acres.

Pitted tart cherries are available-look out for an email directly from us for specifics on ordering.

Enjoy the fruits of this earth!

share for the week of 7/13-7/17

Mid July. We’re in full summer now.  I love the incredible burst of growth that happens in the spring.  We ride that planting and weeding frenzy like kids barreling down a sledding slope; half in control and half utterly out of control.  But summer, it’s different.  The heat brings on the fruiting crops; soon enough we’ll see peppers, our field planted cucumbers and maybe some eggplant. The weeds are in full seed production mode now so we have to do lots of mowing on our spring fields to keep them short enough to till.  Those same fields will be cover cropped and then put to rest for the season.

Your share this week includes: lettuce, kale or arugula, bok choi or napa cabbage, zucchini or cucumbers and herbs.

Fruit shares include blueberries and sweet cherries.

We should be seeing buckets of pitted tart cherries at the end of the month, more about that later!

Savour the summer!