The Share for the week of August 20 to 22

We were busy yesterday weeding in anticipation of rain.  We had no idea it would come down so hard and fast.  Crops were knocked over and lettuce shredded.  It might have hailed.  We have never had crops damaged like that.  Bad weather year for farmers!

The Vegetable Share includes Tomatoes, Zucchini or Summer Squash, Sweet Onions or Scallions, Greens and Eggplant or Peppers or Cucumbers.  Substitutions are Radish, Hot Peppers and Fennel.

The Fruit Share includes Peaches and a choice of Nectarines or Prune Plums.


The Share for the week of August 6 to 8

We have opened our online farm stand with pitted tart cherries available for sale and delivery to your distribution site.

The Vegetable share for the week includes Tomatoes, Herbs, Zucchini or Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Greens, and Eggplant or green Peppers.   The substitution is Scallions.

The Fruit share includes Peaches and a choice of Apricots or Cherries all from Singer.


The Share for the week of July 30 to August 1

It is almost August.  Where did the time go?  The electric is complete in the new barn and has passed inspection.  We are ready to begin washing and packing vegetables in our new pack house which is exciting.  The next step is to put up the Ash paneling in the distribution/farm stand room.  That begins this week.  We will have our open house at the end of October or early November.  When time slows down with declining daylight hours.

The Vegetable Share includes Zucchini or Summer Squash, Cucumbers or Pickles, Herbs, Carrots, Greens and Tomatoes or Eggplant.  The substitution is Scallions.

The Fruit Share includes Organic Blueberries from Abers and Cherries and Apricots from Singer Orchards.


The Share for the week of July 23 to 25

It looks like we have a week of sunshine to look forward to.  Our big fall greens planting will go in as will lots of transplants.  We are hoping that by Wednesday the soil will be dry enough to work.  It rained all day Monday.  We are still working on getting our online farm stand going.  We will let you know when that is live.

The Vegetable share includes Zucchini and Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Greens, Scallions, Herbs and Carrots or Beets.  Kohlrabi is the substitution.

The Fruit share is a choice of Organic Blueberries or Cherries.


The Share for the week of July 16 to 18

Where did last week go?  We did not post the share.  But we did get lots done on the farm.  Soon crazy time will be over.  All the crops are planted by the end of August.  On Tuesday the farm was for the first time looking like it could use some water and water did we get.  We had just finished transplanting lettuce when the sky turned black and unloaded a couple of weeks worth of rain.

The Vegetable Share for the week includes Lettuce, Herbs, Zucchini and Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Kohlrabi, and a choice of Spinach, Chard or Arugula.  The substitutions are Bok Choi or Japanese Turnips.

The Fruit Share includes organic blueberries and sweet and tart cherries.