This is a recipe from colonial times. It’s unsure why these dried green beans were called “leather britches”; perhaps it was due to the weathered look and pliability of the end product. These would make, I think, an interesting gift…

1 – 2 lbs green or yellow beans
darning or trussing needle
heavy thread

1. Pierce the beans about one-third of the way from one end with the needle, then string them on clean heavy thread. When you’ve threaded all the beans tie the two ends of the thread together securely.

2. Steam or blanch the threaded bean circle for about six minutes. Remove with tongs and blot dry with a clean dish towel.

3. Hang to dry in a warm, well-ventilated place. If you decide to do so outside, bring them in at night. If using green beans, hang away from direct sunlight, or they will lose their color.

4. To store, just hang them somewhere in your house, preferably your kitchen, if you can.

5. Best used in winter soups and stews. Just toss ’em in.