The Share for the week of October 18 to 20

Last Tuesday the temperature dropped to 32 degrees.  Now it is 68 in the shade on our porch and it feels like August outside.   It works for bringing in the fall harvest.  We have lots of crop for the season extension and winter shares.

For the Vegetable Share we are upping the greens count and combining the herbs with the greens.  This will give you more choice.  The winter squashes will include Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti and Delicata.  The roots are a choice of carrots, beets, potatoes, kohlrabi and japanese turnips.  The share also includes radishes and scallions or leeks.  The substitutions are eggplant and hot peppers.

The fruit share includes apples, pears and seedless grapes.  The variety is Mars from Erdle Farm.  The other fruit is from Singer.  I do have bad news.  There will be no Quince this season.  The crop was lost to insects.


Share for the week of October 11 to 13th

We had two heavy frosts this week.  The good news is that the kale will be sweeter as will the other brassica greens and roots.  On the farm we are busy with the fall harvest.  The crops look great.  Season extension and winter shares are available.

The vegetable share for the week includes Butternut Squash, Choi, Eggplant or Peppers, Carrots or Beets, Herbs (the Fennel is beautiful), and greens.  The substitutions are radish, tomatillo and hot peppers.

The fruit share includes apples and pears.



The Share for the first week of October

Looks like we have a dry and beautiful work week ahead of us.  The fall crops are coming in daily and soon the coolers will start to fill.  No frost is in the forecast.

The Vegetable Share includes Acorn or Spaghetti squash, radish or japanese turnip, peppers or eggplant, herbs, greens and potatoes.  The subs are cut lettuce, hot peppers, summer squash and beets.

The fruit share includes apples and pears.



The share for the last week of September

The fall cover crops are now going in.  After the crop is harvested we mow, disk, spread seed and lightly disk again.  We then follow with a tool that packs down the earth to create a nice flat seedbed.  We hope to be finished with the winter squash and potato harvest by the end of next week.   The weather has been cooperating and there is no sign of frost for the next ten days.

The vegetable share includes cut lettuce, spinach, spaghetti squash, green beans, herbs and greens.  The substitutions are tomatillo, beets, summer squash and hot peppers.

The fruit share is apples and pears this week.


The Share for the week of September 20 to 22

Tomorrow is equinox.  On the farm we are transitioning to fall crops which means more greens.  Say goodbye to tomatoes and melons.  The summer was tough on greens but we have lots planted now and with the three inches of rain that fell in the last two weeks the crops are growing great.

The vegetable share includes scallions or japanese turnips, carrots or beets, watermelons and some melons and the last of the tomatoes, herbs, greens, and spinach.  The substitutions are summer squash, peppers, tomatillos, edamane and hot peppers.

The fruit share includes pears, plums, apples and table grapes.


The Share for the week of September 6 to 8

The beautiful weather continues at the farm.  There is still adequate soil moisture but we might have to irrigate if the rains expected later in the week fail to arrive.  The tomatoes are at their peak   and there is disease so eat them quickly.  We are working with Cornell to prevent the spots returning next season.

The vegetable share includes radish, summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, greens and herbs.  The substitutions are beets, edamame soybeans, tomatillo and cayenne peppers.

The fruit share introduces three new seedless grape varieties from Erdle Farm.  They are Concord Seedless, Himrod and Summer Set.  The other fruit is Golden Supreme apples, pears and plums from Singer Farms.